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With the casual market becoming more and more popular, is there any hope left for gamers?

I come to you now with an important question. Are you a gamer of the hardcore variety or the casual?

You see this is an important question. Not only will it show us your preference in terms of games, but it’ll also show us if you’re in the majority or the minority. You see gaming as a whole has come a long way in our culture. No longer is it seen as a geeky past time made to rot your brains and stop you from going outside, instead they now train your brain or teach you how to cook. No longer are developers of these games seen as obscure overweight bearded men huddled together in a dark room doing some crazy mumbo jumbo, but instead we have youthful developers who are portrayed as the rock stars of our culture. No longer is it the elite few who partake in there wonder, able to communicate to each other at social gatherings and talk about there triumphs and failures in the latest release. These few are now many.

With the recent advent of console popularity amongst the general public it became inevitable that some aspects of gaming culture would be absorbed into the mass media and gaming as a lifestyle would slowly lose its soul. You now see gaming culture referenced in television, music and movies. And with this massive saturation, will it become inevitable that we will all start to lose interest in the whole thing? I hope not but I’m starting to see it happen.

Now some of you may be saying to yourself, “But I’m a “console name” player and we got games like “list of games”.” Now let me share with you a little fact of business. If you can produce a product cheaply and quickly, and still be able to sell it at the price of your previous products you’re going to make them cheap. And this is a trend that Microsoft and Sony are starting to adopt after the massive popularity of the Wii, a console which both companies had dismissed as any sort of serious competition, which now wipes the floor with them in sales on a daily bases. Do you think it will be long before Gears Party 3 : Locust Makeover or HaloKart comes out? Then when will it stop?

Hardcore gaming seems to be dyeing out. With games now being designed to appeal the masses and as such being dumbed down tremendously pretty soon the hardcore market will die out. And with that, the two and a half men’s of the gaming world will take over and gaming’s glory days will be filed away for the historians of tomorrow to ponder and discus.

source: worldofclans.com