TGV Clan Call of duty members Page

Welcome to the XBox 360 TGV Clan CoD page.


We are a clan of primarily Call Of Duty players made up from members of rival clans and superior players from Xbox Live, founded and lead by the Boss TGV Shrek3922.

Not unusally most of us were not friends before teaming up on Live but amazingly we all bring something totally different to our clan, be it Shrek's leadership, Chalky and Waynos first class aim, Dirrty Harry's team killing skills or MOODYJAY's ability to take a bullet from any location on the map before he's even spawned and then reach a pitch that only whales can understand!

But enough of our giant toppling match winning skills, the main objective of this site for it's members; is to get us playing as well as we know we can together as a clan again.

So we're going to use this site as a team building tool, match finder, news broadcaster and any other ideas members may have? 

This site is for everyones input; if you have an idea go share it in the forum or email Shrek using the internal message service or his or anyone elses contact details.

Shrek maybe the boss but im sure he will agree this is our Clan! lets make it great again (again?)

League Table

TGV League Table
PlayerGameGame ModeGame TypeRankScore
Amazing Red MoX     
Dan Damager 666     
Hairy Melonz     
Highdown Saint     
Lil Boyzie     
TGV BB Minty     
TGV Black Viper     
TGV Bubba     
TGV Chalky     
TGV Death Vader     
TGV Dirrty Harry     
TGV Donkey     
TGV Kyi     
TGV Lady Croft     
TGV Lips     
TGV Moodyjay     
TGV Nutty     
TGV RoadKill     
TGV Shockwave     
TGV Shrek3922     
TGV Virus     
TGV Waynos     
TGV Wicksy666     

Game types CoD

Free-for-all (FFA)

This game type is pretty self explanatory. It's every man, woman and child for themselves. No teammates to back you up and certainly no time to rest. Free-for-all is easily the most chaotic of the bunch. The server admin has the ability to decide on how much XP is needed before a winner is determined.

Team Deathmatch (TDM)

An old classic that has become a standard for almost all online first person shooters. All the chaos of a regular deathmatch with the bonus of having teammates there to watch your back or insult you for doing something stupid. Working as a team will get you victory while splitting up will get you a brand new hole in between your eyes. The server admin has the right to decide on how much XP needs to be earned before a team is crowned the winner.

Capture-the-flag (CTF)

Another common game type among first person shooters. This game type is played with two teams. Each teams objective is to capture the other teams flag by stealing it from the opposing sides base and bring it all the way back to your own base. However your flag must be secured at your base before you are able to complete the capture. The server admin has the right to decide on how many captures need to be made by a team before said team wins the match.

Search & Destroy (S&D)

This is a team-based objective game type. Two teams face off against each other; one team on offense and one on defense. After a set amount of rounds the tables turn and the team that was on offense will be on defense and vice versa. The object of this game type is to plant and detonate a bomb (bomb timer can be changed by server admin) in one of two locations if you are on offense. If you are on defense than you must defend those locations from the opposing team and stop them from detonating the bomb. Sometimes playing defense means disarming the bomb which can be done by a simple push of a button however the process of defusing takes some time. If you are too slow in disarming a bomb it will explode and your team will lose the round. One thing that makes S&D so difficult is that once you die you will not respawn until the next round starts. The server admin has the right to decide on how many rounds need to be won by a team before said team wins the match.

Headquarters (HQ)

Headquarters is another team-based game type. The idea is to find a randomly selected location in the map which is marked by radio equipment and attempt to hold that location while setting up a headquarters. Once your headquarters has been setup then it must be defended for a select period of time. If your team is successful in setting up a headquarters and defending it than your team will score major points and the round will restart. However, if your team fails to defend the headquarters than the opposing team scores points and the round restarts. Each round restart, the teams will respawn together simultaneously and a new random location for the headquarters is chosen. Teams will not spawn in the same place each time as to help eliminate spawn camping. The server admin has the right to choose how many rounds are played and how long a team must hold a headquarters before a round is won.


This is a new game type for the Call of Duty series. It is another team-based objective type. The idea behind sabotage is to run to the center of the map, grab up a bomb before the other team get a hold of it and take it to the opposing teams base so it can be armed and detonated. This may sound somewhat easy, but there are some twists to it. The player that picks up the bomb will instantly light up on the radar and have the word KILL appear over their head. If the opposing team manages to kill the bomb carrier they can pick up the bomb and start making their way towards your base to detonate it. This game type can quickly turn into a back and forth battle. At the end of the day though the server admin is the one that determines how long each round lasts or how many rounds need to be won in order to end the match.


Infinity Ward loves their team-based game types as this is yet another one. The point of domination is to capture specific areas on a map that are marked by colored flags. Each capture is worth a set amount of XP as is each kill. The first team to reach the max amount of XP set by the server admin will win the match. This game type features quick respawns so the action never slows down. Capturing an area takes a bit of time to actually accomplish. The more players from your team that are helping capture an area, the faster that area will be captured.